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A breath of fresh air for your space

Three-stage filtration + UV-C light sterilization

Air Quality Display

Watch Sans work with real-time insight into your air quality

Auto Mode Cleaning

Smart sensors monitor air quality and Sans kicks into high gear when needed

HEPA 13 Filter

Medical grade filter removes 99.97% of viruses, bacteria, allergens and more

UV-C Light Sterilization

Destroys pathogens trapped inside Sans so they never come back to harm you

Lightweight & Portable

Easily move from room to room

Meditation Quiet

Quietest in class air purification

5 year warranty

Peace of mind for your home and wallet

780 sq. ft. of coverage means one Sans packs lots of punch, purifying all of the air in your space twice every hour.

What Sans Traps

hint: It's not just dust

Where do those things come from?

The Technology Powering Sans

Sans features advanced filtration and sterilization technology to keep your home air healthy and your family safe.