Getting started with your Sans air purifier

We designed Sans to be very straightforward to operate. On the top control panel you'll see 5 labelled buttons to control:
  • On/off
  • Mode: Auto, High, Med, Low/Sleep. (While Sans is constantly monitoring your air quality, in Auto mode it adjusts filtration accordingly)
  • Timer: 2, 4 and 8 hours
  • Light: Adjust the AQI light off, low and normal
  • UV/Filter: Turn the internal UV-C light on/off. This button will also blink red when it is time to replace the filter.


On top you'll also find a screen showing the air quality in your space. That is called the AQI (air quality index). Sans is constantly monitoring your air and you can actually see it work. 0-75 is good, 76-150 is moderate and and 151 and above is poor.